Friday, 13 June 2014

Maybelline's Color Show Glitter Mania Review

Hello Lovelies !
         The Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania is here. It is a product for which I have waited a long time, basically since the moment I laid my eyes on the Color Show Brocades on the international site of the brand. And today we are going to review it.
          Firstly we are going to start with the packaging of this particular product. It is exactly same to the regular Color Show bottles and the only difference that I could spot was the label having a section stating "Glitter Mania" and a Bar-Code next to it. I didn't find the packaging appealing at the personal level. That may be as I was expecting it to be distinct and different.
            Secondly I would like to focus on the shades in this collection. The shades are contemporary and very unique. I have purchased All that Glitters and Red Carpet because the gold and red go really well together.
            We Indians we just love the golden colour as it has mythological significance and also as the most prefered investment. All that Glitters is an awesome shade. It has actual glitters in it of assorted sizes. When applied on the nails looks so good. This shade is well suited for any occasions as it is a soft and subtle shade of gold and not at all loud. It can be worn for corporate as well as informal events.
            Moving on to our next shade that is the Red Carpet. The ladies out there will love this shade. It is a red based colour and has golden coloured micro glitter in it and does not have the assorted sized glitters as the previous one. This shade is most suited for occasions like weddings, sangeets, reception, etc. basically for any occasion that requires loud or bold colours.
            The lasting power is pretty neat. I had applied only a single coat. Being eager to find the value of the money spent on this I did most of the household chores. And astonishingly this single coat after doing the chores it lasted for five days before it started to chip off. And always remember to check out the Maybelline website for the current offers available before purchasing. Well I got a shimmery pouch on purchasing two Color Show Glitter Mania nail colours.
            I was bored of the glossy and shiny looks of the nails paints currently available in the market and despirately wanted a change. I love the Matte look of this collection. I will definitely buy this product over and over again. It is the best substitute to the Pixie Dust range by Zoya. And one of the best things is that it cannot be scrapped off easy by finger nails as some of us have that habit of scrapping using our teeth or nails.
           The only drawback is that the feel is a bit awkward and pulls the strings of certain types of fabrics. But we can get used to it.
The price is only INR 125/- and is very reasonable.
           The pros and cons of the product are as follows:
Matte effect
Lasting power
Cannot be scrapped
Feel is a bit different
           I would rate this product a 4.7 on 5, i.e. 4.7 /5 just because the feel is a bit different.
Splurge or Steal:
           A 100% Steal !!!
           It is a must buy product and every girl must have a shade that describes her from this collection.


  1. Nyc review!! Gonna own a gold shade for sure:)

    1. Thank You so much Shweta for the positive comment of this review !!! And I would love your feedback on this product !! xx