Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Guilt Trip Review

The Guilt Trip !!!
Today while searching for parking I came across this shop and it interested me... Thane's verry own cupcake shop. Okay!! Its not Thane's verry own but Bandra's Guilt Trip is now in Thane. What The Heck !!! Let's go and give it a try.
I parked my activa and stepped inside. As soon as I stepped in I was WOWED by the ambience and the structure of the shop. And I was like "Oh Man" I love it.
When I saw the cupcakes I had made my pick of cupcake instantly. And my selection was The Rainbow Cupcake.
The first bite in my mouth took me all together to a new world. Blown away. You name it. The best cupcake I have ever eaten. All praises for this store. The frosting was mindblowing and I am gonna go tomorrow again.
Regular is for Rs. 80 per piece
Mini are for Rs. 20 piece
And Macaroons are for Rs. 50 per piece

The Splurge Or Steal:
Oh man !!! This an splurge but worth every penny !!!
Gonna Go Definitely Again !!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bangalorian Style Masala Puri !!!

Hello Everyone !!!
Today I am going to have Masala Puri . I had this during my visit to Bangalore. My aunt wanted told me that it is a special regional chaat and I must try it. And I was game for it.

I was thinking that I have had masala puri loads of times in Mumbai then what is so special about this Bangalore one.

When I saw it I felt a bit confused and didn't what that thing in my hand was but when I tasted it. Boy! It knocked my socks off. I just couldn't get enough and I wanted more and more.

I had the best Masala Puri at GANESH CHAAT  behind Florence School in RT Nagar.

And here is my attempt of replicating it in my kitchen.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lay's Football Favourites Review

Lay's Football Favourites
Hello Everyone !!!
Today we are going to review the Lay's Football Favourites. Okay,  Drum-roll please !!!! Ta da ta da ta da ta da ta ...... The collection comes in three flavours Cheesy Jalapeno, Tangy Herb and Apple Chilli.
The first flavour that I tried was Tangy Herb. The thing that hits is a sweet taste, a bit unexpected but I was a pleasant and I liked it. Later I got the taste of various herbs.

The next flavour was Cheesy Jalapeno. You get the right amount of seasoned cheese on every chip. And the combination of Jalapenoes and cheese go perfectly well. I simply LOVED it. I make sandwiches with cheese and topped up green chilly chutney and it works with me and most of my friends. I say good job Lay's by getting this combination in the market.

Apple Chilly is really Lovely. I reacted a bit skeptical when I first heard about this combination. But when I had a chip. And My God !!! I couldn't stop. It reminded me of the Carribean Hot and Sweet Chilli.
I seriously hope everyone tries it out before they are finished or out of stock from the market.
Unusual combination and teamed up with excellence !!!
The Splurge Or Steal:
Definitely a Steal.