Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cream Bell's Blue Lagoon

Hie Everyone !!!

Okay I know you guys might think that I only post the ones who are steal. But seriously I post only the product that I think are budget friendly and worth the moolal's. Today I had gone to D.Y. Patil Department of Business Management for some work. And while coming back I felt this totally unbearable urge for an ice candy which would not go until I had it.

So to pacify that hunger pang I went ran to my favourite ice cream store and was so fussy about that I did want to have either this or that. In the end the store owner was so fed up that the poor guy had to tell me there is this new one called Blue Lagoon would you like to try it?

I was like, yes. Why not!

He went to the inner refrigerator and searched in it. Finally he came out with the cute baby blue packet. I was so eager to dig into the first bite that I literally ripped the packaging. And trust me, I always tear the wrapper neatly and properly. Today that didn’t happen. So I guess you guys understand my excitement.

And when I saw the ice candy, my jaw dropped. It was in the colour blue that was very much similar to the shade of ice in the movie ICE AGE 4. Then what, there was no turning back after that. I took a bite and MAN !!!! What to say? There was this, this, this heavenly mint gel which a bit darker than the outer coating, just looks at you with those puppy dog eyes. I had one bite and just kept on going. Didn’t stop at all.

This product is reasonably priced at INR 10/- per piece. It is a value for money. It is pocket friendly and amazing.

Gel Centre
Feel Good Effect
Budget Friendly

None that I can think of.

The Splurge Or Steal :

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